A complete back-end solution for games on all platforms, from Mighty Kingdom
What is MKNet?
MKNet is a set of cloud resources packaged into a web service your game can interact with in order to store, retrieve, and manage game-related data.

Powerful Analytics
Take control over your data, and analyze it in real time.

Data persistence and social features for your game
Store your user's data safe in the cloud. Keep them engaged with wide range of social interactions.

Fully documented and testable RESTful APIs
MKNet APIs can be access from any platform. Start integrating now - no matter what stage of development you are at.

GDPR and COPPA Compliance
All MKNet features are available to users who choose to stay anonymous. As such it is suitable solution for games that are targeted at younger audiences. Mighty Kingdom will never re-sell any of the data we collects to third parties.

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