What is MKNet

MKNet is a set of cloud resources packaged into a web service your game can interact with in order to store, retrieve, and manage game-related data.

Q: What can I do with it? #
  • Collect user analytics
  • Communicate with users through the game (in-game customer support system with content codes, targeted offers based on user segmentation, etc.)
  • Control game configuration remotely
  • Setup global events and leaderboards
  • Preserve/restore user's game state between multiple devices
  • Implement authentication though third-party services: Facebook, Google or Apple.
  • Allow users interact with each other in the game: form teams, send chat messages and participate in team events
  • Run A/B Tests

... and many more. See list of Features for more details

Q: What infrastructure is MKNet built on? #
  • All MKNet resources are deployed using Azure and AWS cloud infrastructure.
  • We rely on world leading cloud service providers for security, scalability and maximum up-time.
  • MKNet API servers are usually located in Central US to provide the lowest latency for our biggest market. Other location options are available as required.
Q: How do I interact with MKNet? #

Here is a basic structure of MKNet deployment per project (i.e. dedicated cloud resources for each game)


Q: What is MKNet API? #

It's a web service that allows your game client to communicate with cloud-stored data over network calls. To test the APIs endpoints and view documentation, visit your project's Administration panel.

Q: What is MKNet Administration Panel? #

Administration Panel provides a friendly interface to interact with game data, set up events, user segments, manage Support Tickets and more. Your Administration Panel can be accessed through any browser, and usually resides at the following URL: {project}.mknet.io

Q: Why would I choose to use MKNet for my game? #
  • Fully documented RESTful APIs
  • Unity SDK with Minimal client-side code*
  • Fast integration at any stage of game development on any platform
  • Responsive administration panel
  • Use only what you need for your game
* SDK is optional and will be available for other platforms once required. As MKNet is and API based platform, it can be integrated into any platform that can make REST calls.